Young boys throw a ball on a lush green hillside below castle ruins in Warwickshire, England, 1968.Photograph by Ted Spiegel, National Geographic

Joe Curtin 

Twilight - Elliott Smith

A Tuesday in April, 1 PM


I had my boyfriend who smokes use matches for a few days instead of a lighter and record the date and time and whatever he was thinking about while smoking. 
It’s funny that he quit smoking a few weeks after this project. 

Alv Péerz 

"Images have a power that is different from the power of words and they communicate in ways that words cannot. In today’s culture, words dominate our thinking and, used in a lazy manner, they help sustain a spectrum of fundamentalist thought. Being able to accept ambiguity leads to a better quality of life and better work."

A Wednesday in April, 7 PM


Pirate’s cove. Avila Beach, California (by kevinrussmobile)

"The trouble is, you think you have time."

~ Buddha

A Tuesday in April, 10 PM